I’m often asked why we started Health Food Hub and what is different about our health food product range.

The business idea began when my two-year-old daughter started to experience adverse reactions to foods she ate by exhibiting symptoms like itchy eyes and skin, bloating and irritability.  As a mother, you will do anything to ensure the good health of your children and so I began to research about the food we were eating as a family. I was shocked to discover the high amount of preservatives and chemicals added to foods, especially packaged foods, and found plenty of evidence that these additives are harmful to our health.

I adopted a new food regime for the family that eliminated all added chemicals, preservatives, flavours and synthetic pesticides from our foods.  This is no easy feat, as most foods contain chemicals or additives and it can start right from the crop growing stage where synthetic fertilisers and chemical pesticides are used in the mass production of most of our crops.

As a busy mother of two young children, I wanted to find healthy packaged foods, with ingredients I recognised without the burden of driving around to heaps of health shops (while dragging around my young kids from shop to shop). I also don’t have the time to cook every home meal from scratch, and so convenient, easy to make meals, are a practical necessity of modern day life.

It also isn’t easy to find the time to read and research every ingredient and its origin to assess whether it is healthy for us. Researching for genuinely healthy foods is a long and time consuming process and there is so much conflicting information that it becomes confusing and overwhelming to make healthy food choices. Yet all you want is to feed yourself and your family with food that is untampered, nutritionally at its peak and full of nourishment that helps create good health.

I started Health Food Hub to share the knowledge gained from the many years of research about the harmful effects of modern food production and this led me to find packaged food products that are genuinely nourishing for our bodies and help create vital health.

Health Food Hub will save you heaps of time and hopefully provide you with the reassurance and confidence that you are eating very healthy packaged foods without forfeiting the convenience of cooking quick meals. Eating these chemical free, nutrient rich foods resulted in a substantial improvement to the health and wellbeing of my family. I am hoping it will do the same for yours.

As I continue on this journey, the health of the planet has become an important factor. Where ever possible, we work with suppliers and producers who adopt sustainable practices that restore the soil and the local ecosystem so it can be used for future generations.  A big one for me, is that synthetic fertilisers are not used on crops as they are unhealthy for us and deplete the natural nutrients of the soil.

The acquired knowledge has led me to developed a set of principles that I believe determine the best healthy packaged foods to eat for good nourishment and health.


We rigorous investigate every ingredient in our packaged foods using a set of principles that we believe creates healthy, nourishing foods as mother nature intended and help restore a healthy planet, as mother nature provided.

  • Search for organic, certified organic and biodynamic packaged products with ingredients that are not modified or altered in any way from the original food source.
  • Stock products from growers and countries that practice traditional farming methods, without using synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides and follow sustainable practices that protect and restore natural ecosystems, support water conservation and retain the soils natural nutrition.
  • Where possible, we work with suppliers and producers that believe in Fair Trade and source foods from the indigenous communities where they originated.  The foods are harvested from their natural ecosystems using ancient artisan and harvesting practices that are thousands of years old. Furthermore, producers and workers are paid a fair price so their communities can thrive.
  • Search for products that are grown in their seasonal cycle and picked at their nutritional peak so you get the highest nutritional benefits for your body as well as the natural, awesome flavour of fruits and vegetables when picked as they ripen.
  • Prefer products which have been exposed to low temperature methods, to minimise the nutritional loss or damage to the foods original nutrient content, so you can enjoy their full nutritional benefits.
  • Avoid foods that contain highly processed ingredients such as refined sugars or unhealthy fats like hydrogenated oils (an oil that is chemically changed from a room temperature liquid into a solid state). Oils like palm, corn, soybean and sunflower are healthy in their natural state, but when heated and mixed with hydrogen gas, their molecular structure changes and they become a thicker, solid consistency which some studies suggest is one molecular away from being plastic.
  • Trial every product with our own family to make sure it digests easily, cooks well and tastes super delicious as no one wants to eat bland food that tastes like cardboard.

Good health,


Co Founder. Health Food Hub

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