About Us

We only stock real health food that we eat ourselves!

Not all health foods are made equal. Some health products contain ingredients that may be harmful or use production practices that can cause a high loss of their original nutritional benefits making them a poor health food choice.

Prior to stocking any product, we rigorously investigate the origin and purity of all the ingredients as well as checking that they are minimally processed and cooked at low temperatures so you get the optimal nutrition and nourishment from every product.


The Challenge

Modern food production and manufacturing practices have led to the increase in use of artificial chemicals, preservatives and pesticides that are linked to an alarming spike in health related issues and food intolerances.

People are becoming aware of the importance of going back to basic, natural foods for good health and wellbeing.  The challenge for most people is that not all foods advertised as ‘healthy’ are actually healthy for you!

Our Mission

To cut through the advertising hype and stock only genuine health food products that we absolutely believe in and want you to enjoy eating as part of your every day health regime. We trial every product with our own families to test if it creates good digestive health, increases energy, cooks well and tastes super delicious before we stock it.

Our Vision

To give you the peace of mind that the health food choices you make with us are highly beneficial for your health because they are authentic, untampered, naturally nutritious and delicious. Nourishing foods that are as mother nature intended and grown with farming practices that lead to a healthy planet as mother nature provided. Take a look at our range here.


Mary is an accredited Exercise Physiologist and Well Being Coach.  She’s a passionate advocate for eating chemical, preservative free foods and buying foods that use traditional production methods in order to retain their original nutritional benefits.  She loves to share her knowledge about the adverse effects of modern food production and manufacturing on a family’s health and wellbeing so you can make better food choices for yourself and your family.

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